Summer Mood


Who’s excited for summer? Albeit the heat is unbearable, I know some of you still love the weather. Let me guess your reasons:

Of course, on top would be the beach getaways; second, I guess the liberty to throw ourselves in plain tank tops, short shorts and slippers whenever going out, and lastly which I believe you definitely won’t deny, the long week vacation offered every April. I may have triggered your excitement towards summer but hey man, in less than two months, we can see and feel Mr. Sun peeking through the trees and seeming like he’s just within an arm’s reach. Apart from the reasons mentioned, another thing which makes me giddy about it is, I was born during the summer season. So, you now know the drill, I’ll be expecting some gifts from you, guys? 🙂

Kidding aside, here’s a special blog post which tells you where to get some summer must haves! I tried to incorporate all my summer pieces from different shops in a single blog post. I rarely do this, but I feel it’s nice to see them altogether, especially when these items belong under the same vibe.

I would like to start with the body chain I got from Born Pretty Store. It’s an unorthodox piece which creates a loud bandwagon every summer. Usually matched with two-piece bikini, but can be worn as well on a regular basis… as long as you know how to sport it! And here’s the major rule, ladies, IT GOES UNDER… and the best way to style it? Wear sheer/crop tops paired with low cut bottoms. Obviously, you got to flaunt it. A little peek-a-boo won’t hurt, anyway. Body chains’ purpose is to highlight women’s feminine curves. You have a month or two to get one for yourself and be part of the bandwagon! So go and visit Born Pretty Store, they got stunning body chains which come in different designs. And hey hey, here’s my gift, once you purchase from them, don’t forget to use the code LDVT10 upon checkout to get a 10% discount. You’re welcome, dear!

Secondly, another shop which I’d like to promote is Feathers and Fancy! Based in Ontario Canada, it offers one-of-a-kind handmade free spirited accessories! And so far, it’s the shop which for me has the best options for headbands! And let me tell you, these are not your oh-so-typical head pieces. And why not check it with your own eyes? Visit their site and get ready to be shocked with the multitude headband collections which I am sure you’ll covet. And my gifting is not yet over, here’s the coupon code, SHIP4FREE for free shipping on orders over $25. Again, you’re welcome.

Thirdly which I guess you’re already familiar with (if you religiously read my blog), my bohemian bag from Teepee! I styled another piece from their collection, namely the Gold Star Crossbody Bag. These bags are imported all the way from Thailand, so yeah, you got to thank them for bringing those cool stuff here in our country. I so so love Teepee; their items always delight me. If you want to know more about Teepee, visit my prior blog post by simply clicking here.

Then lastly, let’s get local this time. On the second time around, I styled the watch-bracelet combo from Tali. My overall bohemian look wouldn’t be complete without this. I like how it added green hue to my oh-so-brownish look. Brown and green comes perfectly together. Both represent earth tones and I swear, if you are to invade my armoire, you’ll most probably realize how I adore such colors. So, going back, do you know that Tali’s pieces are passionately made by Filipino artisans? For more details, check my first blog post about them, just click here.

As for my extensive review about these products’ appearance and quality, it’s now safe to proclaim that if you purchase from the shops mentioned, you probably do the right thing. 🙂

Feathers and Fancy Tribal Bohemian Headband (to check particular piece, click here)
Born Pretty Store Gold Body Chain (to check particular piece, click here)
Tali Woven Watch and Bracelet
Teepee Bohemian Crossbody Bag (to check particular piece, click here)
SM Dept Store Round Glasses
Forever 21 Crochet Top, Rings
Tilt Denim Shorts
Shubizz Boots





















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