It doesn’t get any better than to be at the beach and do nothing but relax all day. And when I say relax, it means beach strolling, picture snapping, water dipping and sand bedding. Let this blog set give you a glimpse. 🙂

Today’s look could very well be my favorite beach travel outfit: crochet cover up coordinates perfect for the weather, peculiar headpiece with peacock feathers embellishment, a trusty beach bag to store all my essentials, and mandala tapestry to give me comfort if I want to lay down on the sands. Apart from capturing today’s look, I also made sure to include my everyday view so my photographer and I decided to click the shots right at the beach front. However I’m not sure which first captures your attention, me or the fantastic cloud formation above the deep blue waters behind me? Well, whichever is you answer, this set is definitely one of my favorites.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the mandala tapestry shown on the photos. As seen and mentioned on my prior blog post, it’s from Purple Beetle, an independent brand here in the Philippines. But today, let me show you another peculiar item from their handmade products, the headpiece with hanging peacock feathers as sported on photos below. I like how it instantly turned my beach look into a boho one. I honestly see myself wearing this headpiece every now and then.

Going deeper into details, this crochet cover up set I’m donning, courtesy of South Beach from UK, is one of the cutest coordinates I’ve ever owned. I mean, look at its fine details – from the assorted line and floral patterns to its cute hanging pompoms, who would say no? Plus the fact that it was actually a beach cover up, well, it’s so versatile like I can use it even if I’m in the city. This crochet set is just an example of what’s in store at South Beach shop. From the name itself, South Beach is an international brand focusing on beach clothing. But eventually, their collection expanded to daily wear, night wear, lounge wear, fitness wear and even to essential accessories such as bags, beach towels, hats, footwear, sunglasses and beauty products. It’s definitely a one-stop shop for the babes out there who are inclined to fashion and travel. Below are links where you can visit them:

South Beach’s Website / Facebook / Instagram

Then lastly, my overall look wouldn’t be complete without this tribal beach bag exclusively from Offbeat Boutique. Based from Thailand, this brand seems to own all the unique handmade bags around the globe. With their copious boho bag collection, I swear one would turn the struggle of choosing into an uncontrollable hobby. In my case, I’m glad I was able to trim my picks and one of which is this tribal beach bag. It has pretty overlapping stripe details with a colorful palette composed of red, orange and yellow plus a little hue of green and purple. Who would’ve thought that such colors could make a perfect combination? Another commendable thing about this bag is its quality. It’s made of thick cloth with great sewing. Trust me if I say that this bag is able to withstand storing loads and loads of items. Proven and tested. Aside from bags, Offbeat Boutique also offers other stylish pieces such as jewelry, clothing and textiles, everything handmade with love. Yet, another interesting tidbit about the shop is they do customization. If you want something to be personalized depending on your choice of color, design and anything in between, just approach them and they will happily do it for you. Below are the links where you can reach and contact Offbeat Boutique.

Offbeat Boutique’s Website / Instagram

On another note, I’m sad to say that this will be the last La Union look book I’ll be sharing but here’s the good news, next blog set will contain my first editorial/modeling set this 2015. Keep your eyes peeled. 🙂

South Beach Crochet Cover-up Set (to check particular piece, click here)
Offbeat Boutique Beach Bag (to check particular piece, click here)
Purple Beetle Peacock Headpiece, Mandala Tapestry (to check particular piece, click here)
Birkenstock Sandals














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