On the third day of my La Union work trip slash getaway, thank God I was able to steal a couple of idle hours when I can just lie on my tapestry spread, sing the song “Island in the Sun” by Weezer and let Uke Ono get along (my ukulele’s name, btw), and watch the waves chase each other – ahh such a good way to escape from the hustle and bustle. Tested and proven, the beach has calming power and I officially announce I’m addicted to it.

Day 1, 2 and first 12 hours of day 3, we’re able to wrap up five shoots exclusive for Kate & Lucy, a soon to be clothing line based in Singapore (more details soon). The main reason why we traveled up north was actually for work. But of course, part of our shenanigans is to do swimming whilst surfing, committing food spree, and shooting blog sets for other brands – one of them is Luja Designs.

Luja Designs is truly one of the brands I look up to. If you’re much into bohemian style, you can’t miss to meet the brand. Based from the Gold Coast of Brisbane, Australia, Luja Designs’ owner Kelly travels throughout Asia such as Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Nepal to hunt for bohemian treasures. Clothing, bags, jewelry, homeware and even crystals are part of Luja Designs’ great hunts. Each item is passionately curated by different ethnic groups all over Asia. What I love about Luja Designs is how they are able to impart their travel experiences by means of hunting for a piece which could represent a country’s culture and offering it to everyone. To take a peak, here are links where you can reach them:

Website  /  Instagram / Facebook

Today, I am wearing a crocheted top I picked from Luja Designs’ clothing pieces. Not sure which country it originally came from but I certainly know this was handmade with passion. And that’s the reason why I am so into crocheted garments. Go invade my wardrobe and I tell you, a bunch of crochets that come in various colors and designs will surprise you. But this one from Luja Designs is a personal favorite. It has intricate pattern and I just couldn’t imagine how it was handily made. Definitely a coveting piece.

Oh by the way, I’ll be editing some more sets. My goal is to finish all my backlogs in a month. So yeah, expect a bunch of blog sets from me in the next few days.

Luja Designs Indie Handmade Crochet Top (click here)
GJG Denim Shorts (click here)
Purple Beetle Mandala Tapestry (click here)
Summer Soul Gypsy Feather Earring
Birkenstock Sandals










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