Bijou The Label Boho Kimono Fashion

A lookbook which kinda reminds me of the film Castaway (remember Chuck with his personified friend Wilson?) wherein you are stuck in an island filled with nothing but emptiness and silence, yet with an underlying beauty and discoveries. And this is indeed one of the best shoots I had, so far.

This is actually a continuation of my blog sets taken in beautiful Baler. This time, we traveled way up to the outskirts of the province, rode a habal-habal just for us to reach such breathtaking secret beach cove. And since I love all my readers, this is for you: I am referring to Dicasalarin Cove. Countable people were there, and that made me loved such secluded spot even more. Very serene and calm. Plus look at such beautifully abandoned sailor boat, I told myself, “Oh, Baler, you gave me more than what I wished for.” So, on that day, I knew it was also perfect to squeeze in quick shoots featuring the brands I am currently collaborating with, one of which is Bijou The Label.

The brand provided me plenty of beautiful crafted clothing to choose from, until I saw this piece which instantly won my heart – the Cancun Sand Kimono. Their collection is purely comprised of bohemian pieces such as body wraps, kimonos, skirts, and accessories – all come in a variety of unique prints with perfect matching colors mostly from the pastel palette. But, there’s this one thing which makes Bijou way very different from other brands out there, their so called “One size fits all” feature. Lo and behold,  what they offer is basically to all women, regardless of her shape and size. Aside from providing easy peasy way of shopping, another admirable thing about the brand is, I guess, the way it portrays the idea of NOT letting one’s built stopping her from donning what she wants.

I urge you, gals, to check them out – really worth your time. I’m leaving below the channels where you can visit Bijoue The Label:

Website / Facebook / Instagram

I still have three more Baler sets to share. Just so you know, I’ve been wanting to post them the soonest possible but matters outside the blogosphere keep on coming. Oh well, will try to post one more set within this week. Let’s see, wish me luck. 🙂

Bijou The Label Classic Cancun Sand Kimono

Stellar Stitching Crocheted Top

The Creative Soul Dreamcatcher Necklace

Summer Soul Gypsy Stack Bracelet

DIY Highwaist Shorts

Bijou The Label Boho Kimono Fashion



















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