I’ve realized I can confidently bid goodbye to layering for a while. The scorching heat and rising temperature have got me creating the simplest summer ensembles similar to what you’ll see in today’s entry. Today’s fashion story talks about style and comfort, combined.

Having airy, comfy wardrobe becomes more of a necessity than anything else these days. And this new collaboration with Aurobelle has helped me resolving such worry. I picked a piece from their Katfans collection for a feature here on my blog, perfect enough for this season. Going through the entire catalogue, I opted for the Happy Flower Power Kaftan Dress and it was pretty much of a love at first sight due to its delicate embroidery details, free-falling silhouette, and feminine touch. It’s indeed a ‘made with love’ piece: imagine the long hours artisans have put into creating such divine staple. And that’s basically the reason why I love supporting brands that go through passion and hardwork.

If you wanna know more about Aurobelle, below are their channels for you to visit. You might discover today your new favorite boho shop!

Website / Facebook / Instagram

On another note, I like how the entire ensemble complemented with the location. Lucky for me, the planned shoot turned out to be beyond what our team had expected. The rustic set up, the summery feels, and the quirky adornments such as this bull horns have contributed a lot in making the entire set to be as creative as possible. I always feel ecstatic whenever creating boheme-ish lookbooks. Counterpart is a child having crayons and papers, and eagerly illustrating everything what she see’s in her imagination.

Aurobelle Happy Flower Power Cotton Kaftan













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