Out of whim, I got myself a Philippine map to figure out the places I have been and never been. What’s fun with this? You are able to set the towns you target to visit with just a point of your finger. And for the month of May, such spontaneous idea has led me to land my feet on the beautiful coves of Zambales. It’s my first time to get here and I am feeling sheepish as I was only able to get myself to this beautiful place at the age of 23. Why now?

This blog post actually marks the first documentary I’ll be sharing from my first trip to Zambales. You might have also noticed that early this year, I started incorporating look books with travel diaries. The reason behind is to embody the true essence of bohemian style. No, it’s simply not just about fashion but a lifestyle. And upon realization, I’ve been very strict on what to feature on this blog. Of course, apart from being very selective on the brands I work with (top factor is it should fit my brand aesthetic), I make sure as well that what a reader sees on this virtual space is genuine. I travel to lots of places, and the brands I work with are part of my journey. It’s amazing how they make my trip even more memorable.

On a lighter note, I would like to create a warm welcome for Sakroots as it’s the featured brand for today and I can’t be more elated to share that I am chosen as one of their fashion bloggers here in the Philippines.

Sakroots is a brand that carries original art for the artists, musicians, and nature lovers. Basically, when one chooses Sakroots, she’s treating herself with a work of art transformed into a wearable piece. Their overall designs have the most quirky prints, palpable hues and bold graphics ranging over an assortment of products from a plethora of bag collections, to accessories and shoes. And what’s even more unique about the label is they actually work with tons of artists – it’s either you pick a piece from love at first sight or you pick an artist you wish to support. Thus, here come’s their tagline, “Choose your karma.” Sakroots inspires us to choose our karma by means of supporting artists and charities.

Reminiscing, while packing for my Zambales trip, I instantly thought of Sakroots to be part of it. It went perfect for the entire getaway – the design is very timely for summer; most importantly, the functionality of the bag is all I need! Pockets and secret pockets are everywhere. I opted to use it when we hiked to the mountains of Nagsasa. It’s a short trail way up, about 30 minutes trek from the sea shore. It’s very convenient to use during the entire hike as all the items I needed to bring, including my cameras, are in tacked and properly positioned. The lovely piece is a necessity not just in such scenario but it’s perfect to an individual who’s very organized whenever out and about.

All you bag hoarders, do check out Sakroots’ website and rejoice through their artsy yet functional collection! There is something to everybody – to yourself, to your sisters, to your mom and even your grandmom!

Sakroots Website / Facebook / Instagram

Sakroots Teal Treehouse Flap Backpack

Forever 21 Cropped Top, Denim Shorts

Casio Classic Watch

Birkenstock Sandals



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