Perhaps, six months is a long enough hiatus, yeah? And it feels refreshing as I type these words onto the web. Guess it’s now safe to say I’m back to the grind. And oh, Happy New Year! 🙂

To update, I’ve been working close to 70 hours a week – talk about my corporate job and business on the side… so social media WASN’T really fitting into my schedule. Yep, putting emphasis on WASN’T as I promise to bring back my focus and give time NOW to my first love – blogging.

And consider this lookbook featuring Siren, a boho-hippie brand based in California, as a comeback blog entry. Here I am wearing the La Mariposa Traditional Mexican Peasant Dress, a divine piece from their Mexican-style collection. Digging deeper, such piece symbolizes freedom and cultural liberation in the late 1970’s. Siren has over 8 unique styles including the one featured in today’s blog post.

But I’ll be honest – the entire lookbook was shot in Zambales way back May 2016. I know it’s late but I’m not complaining! This January 2017 is the perfect time to have this shared as the Pantone Color Institute has announced the Pantone Color of the Year 2017 – GREENERY, which resembles to the hue of today’s featured item.

“A refreshing and revitalizing shade, Greenery is symbolic of new beginnings.”Pantone

What a metaphor? Green tops my most favorite color and I love how this somehow translates to my luck this year. Being gone in the blogosphere for 6 months, year 2017 is probably the new beginning for me. Wondering what’s in store for me to the rest of the year. Wish me luck! 🙂

Cotton On Floppy Hat
Siren La Mariposa Mexican Peasant Dress

PS, I’m currently editing tons of backlogs so make sure to subscribe to my blog to get notified on future updates! And next to this might be posted within the week. Got to catch up so watch out! 🙂












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