The huge ivory limestones of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Ilocos Norte stole my heart the moment I set eyes on it. A sight to behold, these rocks are magically sculpted by the strong winds and waves of the sea over time. What a surreal place Mother Earth has to offer?

This is definitely one of the lookbook shoots I will always remember- how sweet the set has turned out opposed to how we felt as we took every single photograph that time.

I swear, we faced challenges in order to document this set. To start with, one must literally crawl over the rocks to transfer from one picturesque spot to another. These limestones are separated by network of canals filled with salt water. Kapurpurwan faces the West Philippines Sea, whose waves reaches almost two thirds of its height. One must prepare for the huge and tall waves crashing against the jagged cliffs. These waves then fill those canals, so be careful not to fall! And the challenge doesn’t end here: To describe the winds of Kapurpurawan as strong would be an understatement. I, myself, wanted to cling to somebody heavier for support. But, seriously, it was nerve-wracking. I confess this is undoubtedly one of the menacing shoots I did in my whole 24 years of existence. Thank goodness the shoot was a success (what do you think?).

Hazel + Folk Henna Halter Top, Vintage Kuchi Choker
Pepper Ink Temporary Tattoo
Hats Unlimited Hat
Forever 21 Cape
Terranova Maxi Skirt
Birkenstock Sandals



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