It may technically be the rainy season, but I’m throwing it back to another unreleased shoot at the beach taken last April! I badly miss Mr. Sun. Gone were the days when you will wake up next to a lovely, sunny weather. Some may hate the scorching heat it gives, but probably not me.

Such memories, thank goodness I was able to shot a lot of lookbooks last summer, one of which is this set featuring these lovely tassel earrings by Born to be Club. These ear candies spell fun summer vibes. Ugh, simply looking at these photos makes me crave for tan lines, salty hair, and those sunlit hours on the sand. I got to schedule my next beach trip, it’s for the weather to allow!

PS, I‘m on the verge of releasing more blog posts in the next few weeks. You might have noticed this but I personally like publishing my shoots at a later time. Probably because it means more to me when acquainted with good memories!

Born to be Club Tassel Earrings
Summer Soul Gypsy Layered Necklace
Luja Designs Pompom Off-Shoulder Top
Forever 21 Flare Pants



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