Lyndsay Picardal on Manila Bulletin


2015 is my year, I can sense it. Perhaps it’s true that if you claim it, you’ll get it. I just want to share to everybody this most flattering event that has ever happened to me so far this year.

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Lyndsay Picardal on Summer Soul Gypsy


Here’s another post to be added on my ‘features’ category! Yey! 🙂 Remember me recently blogging about Summer Soul Gypsy’s great stuff? So glad that Christine and company from SSG appreciated my blog post and surprisingly, they featured me on their website’s homepage and blogger’s section! I feel like a ‘real blogger’ right now! 🙂 You know, I’m just new to blogging that’s why it’s kind of electrifying when I’m being identified that way. Conversely, I’m really thankful to SSG! 🙂

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Lyndsay Picardal on Meg’s LOTD

Feelin’ so blissful right now! I’m featured on Meg Magazine’s website under the category of “#LOTD”! Yay! If you’ve been reading my blog since then, you’d definitely be familiar with this look by now for the reason that it has been featured on numerous sites already, even reaching a fashion blog from Kuala Lumpur (If you wish to see it, please click the ‘Press’ above).

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Lyndsay Picardal on OOTDMAGAZINE (Part II)

I’m on OOTDMAGAZINE for the second time around! 🙂 I can’t believe I was able to pass AGAIN the towering standards of the photography duo, Jason and Tyler, when it comes to OOTD! So, here are few screenshots which I got from their main website and Instagram page! 🙂

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Lyndsay Picardal on OOTD MAGAZINE

OOTD Magazine's Instagram page
OOTD Magazine’s Instagram page

It was indeed a beautiful morning for me! As I woke up and checked my Instagram page, I was surprised it was bombarded with lots of notifications – from comments and hearts to followers. It was later then I realized that I was featured on the very popular fashion website of OOTD MAGAZINE from United States!

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Lyndsay Picardal on Candy Magazine’s “It Girl on the Web”

May 18, 2014 is indeed a happy and lucky day for me! It is (the day) when I was featured in Candy Magazine’s website and chosen as the week’s “It Girl on the Web”. For people who aren’t familiar about it, “It Girl on the Web” showcases some stylish and fashionable Filipinas out there. To see my story, click here.

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