Traveling is the only thing I resort to whenever I start to feel uninspired. Planning trips to unfamiliar islands instantly pumps my adrenaline up. Last June, halfway of the year, such whim brought me to the beautiful island of Jomalig found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. And I thought it’s about time to share with everyone this lookbook we documented from that trip.

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It may technically be the rainy season, but I’m throwing it back to another unreleased shoot at the beach taken last April! I badly miss Mr. Sun. Gone were the days when you will wake up next to a lovely, sunny weather. Some may hate the scorching heat it gives, but probably not me.

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The huge ivory limestones of Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Ilocos Norte stole my heart the moment I set eyes on it. A sight to behold, these rocks are magically sculpted by the strong winds and waves of the sea over time. What a surreal place Mother Earth has to offer?

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Here I bring a never-before-seen lookbook, throwing it back to Ilocos Norte last December 2016. I’ve been digging into my hard drive and pulling out fond memories and shoots from this past year, as I’m about to publish more sets taken during my recent trip in Pangasinan just this April.

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One of the most magical scenes I ever got to be a part of was when the sun sets over the dunes of Paoay, Ilocos, and casts its last rays across the flat sands. We were illuminated in a light that made us feel almost angelic. What was harsh bright light all day became unbelievably soft and pale. It was ethereal.

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Zambales has been on my travel hit list since I found numerous photos of its crystal clear waters, blue skies, and captivating coves. I eagerly went on a research to find out how to get there and finally, last May of 2016, I was able to land my feet onto its blindingly white fine sand and astounded with its majestic beauty.

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Out of whim, I got myself a Philippine map to figure out the places I have been and never been. What’s fun with this? You are able to set the towns you target to visit with just a point of your finger. And for the month of May, such spontaneous idea has led me to land my feet on the beautiful coves of Zambales. It’s my first time to get here and I am feeling sheepish as I was only able to get myself to this beautiful place at the age of 23. Why now?

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