Out of whim, I got myself a Philippine map to figure out the places I have been and never been. What’s fun with this? You are able to set the towns you target to visit with just a point of your finger. And for the month of May, such spontaneous idea has led me to land my feet on the beautiful coves of Zambales. It’s my first time to get here and I am feeling sheepish as I was only able to get myself to this beautiful place at the age of 23. Why now?

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To wake up as early as 6 in the morning without any alarm clock seemed very impossible to me, but not until I discovered how my body clock transitions whenever I’m at the beach. There’s really something about the sound of the waves, they’re calling. Oh again, times like this when I want to instantly pack my bags, leave Manila and go on a road trip to the province. Such life, I am missing.

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Nothing’s cozier than today’s lookbook location! Namast’ay in bed to define the feeling. Who can blame me? Flashback to a couple of weeks when we shot all these: it’s all about fun and relaxation. I know for sure if you keep on scrolling, you’ll definitely miss the long week vacation. But let’s all hold our cravings for we still have the upcoming Labor Day to resume the hanging courses . 🙂

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Play with Waves


Here I am reminiscing and jotting down the moments I had during my quick getaway in La Union, my hometown, last Saturday. This is apparently an entry under my blog’s travel category and just so you know, my travel post prior to this is also tackling about LU but engaging with a different resort. I may be sounding bias but I’ll never get tired of flaunting the attractions of my hometown.

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