Out of whim, I got myself a Philippine map to figure out the places I have been and never been. What’s fun with this? You are able to set the towns you target to visit with just a point of your finger. And for the month of May, such spontaneous idea has led me to land my feet on the beautiful coves of Zambales. It’s my first time to get here and I am feeling sheepish as I was only able to get myself to this beautiful place at the age of 23. Why now?

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Of Hues and Patterns


Sunday well spent wandering around Maginhawa, discovering some quirky coffee shops, and looking for blog-worthy spots where I could liberally take few snaps of my look of the day.

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Lyndsay Picardal on Summer Soul Gypsy


Here’s another post to be added on my ‘features’ category! Yey! 🙂 Remember me recently blogging about Summer Soul Gypsy’s great stuff? So glad that Christine and company from SSG appreciated my blog post and surprisingly, they featured me on their website’s homepage and blogger’s section! I feel like a ‘real blogger’ right now! 🙂 You know, I’m just new to blogging that’s why it’s kind of electrifying when I’m being identified that way. Conversely, I’m really thankful to SSG! 🙂

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Free Spirited

You should know up front, this post is something very special. And before jumping to the reason why, I would like first to express my heartfelt gratitude to Miss Christine. Here’s why… 🙂

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You won’t always catch me wearing jeans, but this tattered denim from Diesel really got me! I so like its fitting – low waist, plus its design which is ripped. It’s kind of ragged, that’s why I opted for a hippie look and it goes well with the weather last Sunday which is a sun drenched day.

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